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We pride ourselves on continually providing fun and exciting trips.  The idea is that if you enjoyed yourself the first time, hopefully you will keep coming back for more.  It is with this in mind that we offer our membership discount program.  Become a member and enjoy great membership discounts on all your future trips.  Membership is only a one time fee of $100...

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We realize that the best type of advertising is by word of mouth.  A satisfied customer will pass along fond praise to friends, family, and co-workers about their experience with Outdoor Connections.  So don't be afraid to boast about what you did this past weekend on Monday at work....and do the social media thing to Facebook, Instragram, Twitter or the this and you will have our unwavering gratitude....

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This is an easy one…..don't be shy to sign up asap as many of our trips do sell out in advance.  You don't want to be left home sitting on the couch do you??

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