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Whitewater Rafting on the Housatonic

Whitewater Rafting Class IV-V on the Housatonic

For a mere few weeks each April the Bull’s Bridge Gorge section of the Housatonic River becomes the east coast mecca for intense whitewater rafting thrills. 

As the spring thaw arrives, the banks of the Housatonic swell creating surging rapids rated at Class IV-V.  So get ready for some wet and wild fun as we ride the rapids of Bull’s Bridge, among the most challenging whitewater sections of any river in the east.  As we negotiate the rapids along our eight mile, three hour journey, we will enjoy spectacular scenery along the way… rolling whitewater, waterfalls, and the famous covered wooden bridge are some of the sights we will see…although we may be a bit preoccupied. 

No experience is necessary.  Once we arrive, we will have approximately a half hour river safety and instruction briefing before we load up.  They will show and teach us everything we’ll need to know.  A certified licensed river guide will be in each raft and will guide us downriver giving encouragement and instructions along the way.  So sit back, hold on tight and enjoy the ride.  Not a swimmer, not a big deal as you will have a lifejacket on and will be able to float safely while you are helped back into the boat.

We will have a riverside snack during the rafting trip and we will end our day with a wonderful three course meal at the landmark Bull’s Bridge Inn with our fellow rafting buddies… relaxing, contemplating and reminiscing upon our day’s adventures.  You are assured to sleep well on the ride back.

All trip details and final trip itinerary will be e-mailed to all registered guests the week prior to the trip.

Outdoor Connections Guided Adventure Travel
Trip Date: Trip not available
Departure: 7:45 a.m. (sharp) – 8th Avenue between W31st and W33rd streets - in front of US Post Office and across from Penn Station.
Return: 6:30 p.m. (approximately)
Trip Rating: Moderate – No physical strength or endurance needed, just a little courage and a sense of adventure. (learn more)
What's Included: Trip includes all equipment & gear (helmet, paddle, lifejacket, full wetsuit, booties), transportation costs, certified expert guide in each raft, continental breakfast in route, a riverside snack, and 3 course meal after rafting.
What to Bring:  You will be given a wetsuit to wear over your clothes.
  • You should wear warm base layers underneath your wetsuit (provided) – outdoor/athletic type clothing such as polypropylene, fleece, wool, polyester, nylon, etc. but absolutely no cotton fabrics as wet cotton will prevent your body from keeping itself warm.
  • Footwear – no flip flops or slide-on shoes, old sneakers or water shoes are recommended.
  • Bring or wear a warm (wool) hat and gloves.
  • Bring or wear a rain jacket for the possibility of unpredictable spring weather.
  • If you are not sure, bring more clothing than you think you need as extra stuff can be left in the van.
  • If you wear glasses make sure you have a strap to keep them secured.
  • Bring a change of clothes and towel for afterward as there are changing facilities available and a plastic bag or similar to put your wet clothes into for the ride back.

You may bring items with you on the raft (snacks, camera, etc) but they must be in a drybag (available at outdoor/sporting goods stores) or large zip lock bags.

If you forget anything, no worries as there is a gear shop on site for last minute necessities.

Trip Cost:
Transportation Early Bird $154.00 
Transportation Regular $169.00
Drive Yourself Option $139.00

All trip details and final trip itinerary will be e-mailed to all registered guests the week prior to the trip date.

Outdoor Connections Guided Adventure Travel

Whitewater Rafting on the Housatonic

Transportation Option $169 ($154 early bird) 

Date: Option not available

Drive Yourself Option $139

Date: Option not available

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