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Canopy Tour Zip Lines Adventure

Canopy Tour and Zip Lines Adventure

Our day on the canopy tour, zip lines, and adventure challenges begins with a few lessons at ‘ground school’ where our expert guides will show us the ‘ropes’.  Our guides will lead our group throughout the day, coaching us and ensuring our safety.  Next we will board the chair lift for our scenic ride to the top of the mountain and then the fun begins.  The canopy tour is designed to provide a constant thrill and challenge. 

Think of this adventure as a series of rope challenges, rappels and climbs separated by world class exciting ziplines.  As we make our way through the approximately 3½ - 4 hour course, you will be given many options as to how to complete each challenge (there are easier or more challenging ways to conquer each obstacle – you decide!). 
To start with you will scramble through some granite boulders and climb up to the first platform.  From this point on, you will be clipped into the safety system – safety is the first priority at this facility as the course was constructed to exceed all ACCT safety and quality standards.  From this platform you will begin your descent down three zip lines of increasing speed and intensity. 

At this point you are up nearly fifty feet off the ground standing on a platform surrounding a giant tulip poplar nearly four feet in diameter.  It is from this platform that your first challenge begins as you will cross the sixty-five foot Burma Bridge.  The course continues with a series of rappels, cargo net climbs, zip lines and other obstacles that will get your adrenaline flowing and heart racing.  You will be confronted with the No Hands Bridge of Doom, the Vine Traverse Bridge, Tyrolean Bridge, Rock Climbing Tower, and others challenges to name a few. 

There are 8 zip lines in total including the 280 foot Thread the Needle zip and the 340 foot Tower zip – you will reach speeds of over 45 MPH!  Once back on terra firma, we will remove our helmets, do a victory dance and celebrate this tree top experience with the other members of our group – bonus points for best dance!  Lastly, we will enjoy a nice picnic lunch alfresco afterwards and recap our accomplishments and maybe even embellish them just a little.

Outdoor Connections Guided Adventure Travel
Trip Date: Trip not available
Departure: 7:45 a.m. (sharp) – 8th Avenue between W31st and W33rd streets - in front of US Post Office and across from Penn Station.
Return: 6:00 p.m. (approximately)
Trip Rating: Easy/Moderate – No physical strength or endurance needed, just a little courage and a sense of adventure. All participants should be between 70-250 pounds. (learn more)
What's Included: Trip includes all equipment (helmet and harness), transportation costs, canopy tour fees, continental breakfast, and our signature picnic lunch.
What to Bring: Dress appropriately for the season and in layers - this means have the ability to take tops on/off as needed to keep yourself comfortable. If you are not sure, bring more clothing than you think you need – extra stuff can be left in the van or carried in your backpack. Footwear is important, you must wear closed-toes shoes, no flip flops or slide-on shoes. Sunglasses (with strap), sunscreen and chapstick are recommended. Bring a small daypack to carry your stuff – extra clothes, snacks, water, camera, etc. Guests with long hair should tie it back securely. Jewelry should be removed or tucked away.
Trip Cost:
Early Bird $139.00 (up to three weeks before trip)
Regular $147.00
Drive Yourself Option $124.00
Outdoor Connections Guided Adventure Travel

Canopy Tour and Zip Lines Adventure

Transportation Option $147.00 ($139.00 early bird)

Option not available

Drive Yourself Option $124.00 

Option not available

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